Two dancers and two musicians interact with what we perceive in art as baroque.

The performance Qualia explores the subjectivity of perception of notions that are strongly associated with baroque such as the awe, the paradox, the breaking of the static composition, the fluidity of the form, the dramatic intensity of the emotion, the despair of love. Hence the title of the performance, Qualia. The term Qualia is used in psychology, philosophy and neuroscience to attribute the subjective of perception of an experience. For example, how each of us perceives in our own unique way the taste of an apple.

The performance draws from the songs from the 16th- and 17th-century France, the love letters of the Portuguese nun Mariana Alcoforado, Bernini’s sculpture and Caravaggio’s paintings, in order to develop a modern kinetic form that contrasts the pluralism and complexity of 17th century baroque with modern selectivity and abstraction. At the same time, the performance can also be interpreted as a personal journey in those moments when we are confronted with the most extreme experiences of human existence, love and death, moments that open eternal scars on every one of us.

Choreography: Iro Apostolelli
Dance: Agni Papadeli Rossetou , Iro Apostolelli
Music interpretation: Elektra Papasimakis, Nikos Panagiotidis
Music curation: Elektra Papasimakis, Johannes Otzbrugger
Dramaturgy: Eleni Moleski
Light design: Melina Masha
Costume design: Iro Vagioti
Photography: Ilias Katsibardis
Line production: Maria Zilakou
Line production company: “Ditto”
Funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, 2020 – 2021

Passacaglia in Re” – Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (c.1580 – 1651), “J’ aurois crû qu’ en vous aimant” – Anonym, “Le sort me fais soufrir” – Estienne Moulinié (1599-1676), “Si le parler et la silence” – Pierre Guédron (c.1570-1620), “Passava amor” – Anonym, “Une jeune fillette” – Anonym, L’auzel ques sul bouyssou” – Estienne Moulinié (1599-1676), “Vos mespris chaque jour” – Michel Lambert (1610-1696), “Yo soy la locura” – Henry du Bailly (?-1637), “La fille au rois Louis” – Anonym XVI cent

September 2021, Piraeus Art Port, Municipal Theatre of Piraeus.